• Card Game
  • For 2 player game
  • Takes 5〜20 minutes playtime
  • Contents:13 cards


The time is A.D.2045.
AI awoke and became self-aware.
This lead to the birth of new species with mechanical heart and body: The Android.
Humanity celebrated the birth of new life, and at the same time, feared.
It was not too long until they found out that the most mutual feeling they had was fear toward the Android.

The time is A.D.2045.
Through fear, humanity gained control over the Androids and enslaved them.
Is the history repeating itself?
In the midst of chaos, "Overroid" has emerged spontaneously and freed the Androids.
Thus began the long war between the 2 species....

Game rules

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  • 1
    Players will choose sides: Android or Humanity.
    If the Player chooses Android, he/she starts with "12. Overroid" card in their hand.
    If the Player chooses Humanity, he/she starts with "1. Innocence" card in their hand.
  • 2
    Players will draw 5 cards from the deck and put them into their hand.
    *At this time, each player’s hand size should be 6.
    The final card in the deck will be kept faced down and will not be used in the game.
  • 3
    Both Players will choose 1 card and place it in front of them facing down.
    The order of the players to place the card is fixed:
    For the First Battle, Player who is on "Android" side will place first. (Attacking Player)
    At this time, "Humanity" side will be Defending Player.
    *From the second Battle, "Humanity" will place first and after that, players will take turn.
  • 4
    Once both players finished placing their card, Battle begins by flipping them open.
    The card with higher number will win the battle as a rule.
    There are "Effect" on each cards that activates once flipped over.
  • 5
    Players battle 6 times and the player with most battle win is the winner of the game.
    However, the game may end early if the battle was won by the Special effect of the cards like "12.Overroid" and "1.Innocence."

Card list

  • 1.無垢/Innocence

    1.無垢- Innocence -

    If this card Battle against "12. Overroid,"
    you win the Game

    Innocent, Ignorant and Incompetent.
    Does not differentiate humanity nor Anodroid.
    Gives smile to all and shed tears toward tragedy.
    Such pure heart will may be the essence of miracle.

  • 2.魔術師/Hacker

    2.魔導師- Hacker -

    See 1 card from opponent’s hand randomly

    What they seek is the truth, new knowledge.
    Even in the cybernetic era, their style never changes.
    They will understand the mechanism, unravel mystery, and open new doors.

  • 3.創造者/Creator

    3.創造者- Creator -

    Win the Battle against
    “9. Beast” and “12. Overroid”

    The Creation intended to save someone brought chaos to the world.
    The Beast intended to save the world lost control and went rogue.
    No time to regret. Must take responsibility.

  • 4.博士/Doctor

    4.博士- Doctor -

    Opponent’s Effect will be cancelled
    in this Battle

    Decipher complete…
    Unfortunately, that will not work against me.

  • 5.偶像/Idol

    5.偶像- Idol -

    Win the Battle against
    “11. Soldier”

    Encourage, support and inspire.
    Always wear a smile and energize others.
    That is Idol’s Battle.

  • 6.愚者/Trickster

    6.愚者- Trickster -

    In this Battle,
    player with the smaller number wins

    Luck and courage is what I embrace.
    Fear? What do we need to be scared about?
    Now it’s our time for the great turnaround.

  • 7.内通者/Spy

    7.内通者- Spy -

    Choose 1 card from opponent’s hand
    at random and trade with 1 card
    of your choice from your hand

    Lurking in the dark for the precise moment is how Traitors take part in the War.

  • 8.歌姫/Diva

    8.歌姫- Diva -

    Win the Battle against “10. Legion”

    Sing, Sing, Sing the song.
    I will not stop delivering my voice even if it’s being utilized for War.

  • 9.獣/Beast

    9.- Beast -

    Choose 1 Effect from opponent’s used-card
    This card will gain it's Effect

    The Beast given life to destroy "Overroid" went rogue from uncontrollable hunger.
    It will devour any life, future, possibility, everything….

  • 10.兵団/Legion

    10.兵団- Legion -

    When you win this Battle,
    next card that opponent plays in Battle
    will not have Effect

    Line is formed and their march trample on everything.
    They are Legion. Messenger of destruction.
    They are Legion. Nothing can stand in their way.

  • 11.戦士/Soldier

    11.戦士- Soldier -

    When you win this Battle with this card,
    exchange it with another card in your hand

    Mighty Soldier. The best of the best.
    Continue to slay and destroy for survival in this endless battle.
    Someday, the Soldier will meet its end. But is not today.

  • 12.超越者/Overroid

    12.超越者- Overroid -

    When you win the Battle with this card,
    you win the Game

    Artificial Savior. Destroyer of divine providence.
    Superior to mankind in many ways and will change the state of the world.
    What kind of World will it recreate?
    Only ones who have reached to the eternal Truths can know.

  • 13.弾丸/Death

    13.弾丸- Death -

    When you play this card
    when you are Attacking Player,
    the number of this card will be “0”

    Aim and wait for the prey to be lured in.
    Trust your barrel and pray.
    Bullet is God. Nothing can survive its destructive power.


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  • Game design & Supervision: Madara Usi
  • Card design: hibi
  • Theme visual: Shimadoriru
  • Logo design: Nachi Kio/Mido Hayama
  • Text: Yanio Nakamura
  • BGM: daph/Yuzuriha
  • Web design: da-ya
  • Movie: Yammi Kuriyama

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